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Urban Legend

       The Second RETRIBUTION Novel !!!   Bek Is Back & Somebody Is In BIG Trouble!!    The Second RETRIBUTION Novel !!!   Bek Is Back & Somebody Is In BIG Trouble!!

Bek Is Back
And Nobody Is Safe!

There is an insidious darkness pervading the world like a cancer.
Most people pretend that it doesn't exist, refuse to stand up against what they know in their hearts to be evil.
Fear is a powerful weapon, against which no one is invulnerable.

Bek is back in her second full-length novel!

James Christopher Shannon is taking the fight to those who would destroy his family, friends and financial empire, and Bek is leading the battle.  First they tortured his daughter on the Internet!  It didn't go at all like they thought it would. Then they tried the same thing with his wife.  It turned out even worse. Now it's Bek's turn.  She's about to give them a lesson none of them will forget for as long (or as little) as they live!

They say that nobody controls the Internet ... but Alex Pike is like nobody else who has ever tried, and he is determined to not only erase all of the horrifically obscene photos and videos of Clarissa Shannon from the Internet ... but also from every computer in existence!

Urban Legends
ike the hook killer ... the hairy bastard ... floating lights in cemeteries ...
stories everybody has heard ...
and claims are true ...
but nobody really knows ...
for sure ...

"You slaughtered innocent women and children!"
"Those without Souls cannot be innocent. As for the others, I did them a favor by releasing them from this time and place in The World."
"Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out, eh?"
"I have not been Called to kill you all ... yet."

Everybody knows at least one ...
 Now everybody will know this one!

RETRIBUTION is a hundred-year chronicle of the final desperate battle to save Earth's last People, and the bloody price paid for salvation. URBAN LEGEND is the second full-length RETRIBUTION novel to be released. Along the way, you will be introduced to additional players who will journey with you through their times and places in The World in the many stories to follow. Some of these tales will be told in novels, others will be shorter ... though nonetheless thrilling!

Tis Angels that minister unto The World ...
And you don't want to be underfoot while they're about their work!

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