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Reach Out Of The Darkness

Current version: 2.2.e January 2015

The Third RETRIBUTION Novel !!!   Bek Reaches Out For Allies ... And Lashes Out At Her Adversaries!!!    The Third RETRIBUTION Novel !!!   Be Careful What You Pray For!!!     The Third RETRIBUTION Novel !!!  Heroes Come In All Shapes & Sizes ... And We're Not Talking About Just Bek Here!!!

With A Little Help
From Her Friends

For each transgression against any one of those for whom I am guardian, I shall take 100 of your Lives.
For each injury unto any of  those I watch over, I shall take 1000 of your Lives.
Kill any one of my charges and I will sweep the whole of you from this time and place in the World,
Even unto the memories that you ever existed at all!

Bek is back in her third full-length novel!
And this time she has help!

ROOTD Blurb 02

Reach Out Of The Darkness
There’s Light On The Other Side ...
 And You Won’t Believe Who’s Holding It!

RETRIBUTION chronicles the final desperate battle to save Earth's last People, and the bloody price paid for salvation. Reach Out Of The Darkness is the third full-length RETRIBUTION novel to be released. Alliances are forged, and The Adversary get in the game!  All that has been foretold will come to pass ... along with a few surprises nobody saw coming!

RETRIBUTION is just getting started!

Tis Angels that minister unto The World ...
And you don't want to be underfoot while they're about their work!

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